Numbers, forms, processes, and procedures…We do it right so you don’t have to.

Accounts Receivable

Invoices, customer communications, revenue and collections… We focus on it so you get paid.

Accounts Payable

Bills, vendor communications, payment scheduling and cash flow… We manage your expenses so you don’t have to worry.

DCAA Compliance

DCAA guidelines, timekeeping, expense tracking, reporting… We set up your books per DCAA guidelines so you will pass an audit.


Happy employees, forms filed, and accurate payroll reporting… We pay your employees on time so they stay happy and productive.


The Defense Contracting Audit Agency has specific requirements for bookkeeping, processes and procedures. We understand these requirements and will help you implement a system that works for you. Read More >


Timekeeping is frequently the core data used for invoicing and payroll and gets extra scrutiny by DCAA auditors. Automating the data flow can make this task less time-consuming and error-prone. Read More >


Your books are your tool to analyze your current business health, your historical trends, and can help you make educated decisions for your business. Read More >

Accounts Receivable

Generating accurate invoices, getting them to customers, and pursuing payment is a critical part of business. Getting you paid correctly and on time is our focus. Read More >

Accounts Payable

Your bills and vendors need to be paid. Accurate scheduling and forecasting of bill payments is important for cash flow planning. Read More >


Payroll is typically a company’s largest expense and a significant reason for a drop in employee morale when errors are made. Late payroll tax payments can result in large penalties or worse, an audit. Read More >

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Techeon is a minority, woman-owned small business that provides comprehensive business and federal business solutions to small and emerging federal contractor companies. We provide administration services for multiple small companies which reduces cost and increases efficiencies, allowing you to focus on your core business.