The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)

DCAA - Defense Contract Audit AgencyThe Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is responsible for performing contract audits for the Department of Defense (DoD).  They also provide accounting and financial advice during the negotiation and administration of DoD contracts. Although not a primary function of DCAA, they can uncover fraudulent activity or other issues that can affect your ability to do business with the DoD.

We can help you set up your books, timekeeping, payroll, expense, and invoicing systems in the way that DCAA expects.  Auditors like to see systems that automatically share timekeeping and expense data with the payroll and invoicing systems to reduce the frequency of manual data entry errors. DCAA auditors prefer automated systems because manual entry without automatic audit trails can allow someone to generate fraudulent data resulting in over-payment by the DoD.  Our objective is to help you work in a system that meets or exceeds DCAA guidelines.  A happy auditor is much easier to work with!