Are you ready to venture into the arena of government contracts? If so, you need to be ready to follow guidelines to a T. That includes preparing for the Defense Contract Auditing Agency’s (DCAA) accounting system review. And for that, your best bet is to hire a DCAA consultant.

Why Hire a DCAA Consultant?

If you are hoping to secure a Department of Defense contract, there’s no denying it: You have to have extraordinary attention to detail. You only have that one chance to make an impression when it comes to contracts. That means you need to be ready for any questions or situations the DCAA presents during the approval process. And if you’ve never gone through the process before, that can be an overwhelming prospect.

Working with a DCAA consultant will give your company the edge it needs in this process. The consultant knows all of the components to prepare for before, during, and after the accounting system review. And because that person is on your team, you’ll be better prepared. This is even truer when applying for your first Department of Defense contract.

How a DCAA Consultant Can Help

Everything that is involved in submitting and obtaining a Department of Defense contract is in the knowledge base of a DCAA consultant. The consultant will help with the transition from private company to government contractor. He or she will ensure that your software is DCAA compliant and properly programmed. Ultimately, your DCAA consultant will help your company pass the tests to get you in line for your Department of Defense contract.

The Department of Defense Is a Stickler for Details

As a new—or potential—government contractor, you’d be hard pressed to know all of the ins and outs of finessing the system. Lucky for you, you don’t have to know everything. You just need to know the right DCAA consultant. Techeon Business Solutions can help you set up your books, timekeeping, payroll, expenses, and invoicing systems in the way the DCAA wants. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company become a Department of Defense contractor.