We will support your payroll needs by performing payroll directly using Intuit Payroll or Intuit Online Payroll, or through your current payroll company. Every effort will be made to automate the loading of employee’s time data directly from the timekeeping system to the payroll system, which is the preference of DCAA. Whether you are a government contractor or not, automating time data entry will eliminate manual data entry errors and reduce the amount of time required to perform payroll.

Paychecks will be direct deposited or printed and mailed. Quarterly tax returns will be prepared and payroll tax deposits will be done at the required payment frequency. Year-end tasks including generation of 1099 and W2/W3 forms will be completed. Employee tax withholdings, benefit withholdings, and 401K deposits will be recorded in the books and allocated to the appropriate direct and indirect cost pools.

All payroll records will be uploaded to secure cloud storage for your access 24/7.